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Welcome to Messenjars!

I am so delighted to introduce to you the ultimate in group gift giving. Each beautifully packaged glass Messenjar is filled with folded messages inscribed with personal thoughts, wishes and anecdotes from the people who care about the recipient the most. Think of it like a blank greeting card that your friends and family can sign from all over the world. Except instead of a throw-away card it’s a beautiful, any-occasion keepsake to cherish and display forever.

Messenjars was born from my natural love of gift giving. I’m one of those people that would much rather give a gift than receive one. If I can get the recipient to respond with one or more of the following expressions:

“How did you know that I wanted this?”

“This is perfect!”

“How did you pull this off?”

“I’m crying my face off—thanks!”

Then my gift was a success! It’s a lot of pressure to put on yourself, sure. But if you’re anything like me, the satisfaction of a great response is totally worth it. And I promise you, Messenjars will give you that exact satisfaction, and pretty easily too!

I’m a graphic designer by trade so it is my intention, as with all of my designs, to continuously evolve Messenjars to be a better product. I want to keep you curious, and help you be the best gift giver. If you’re still waiting for that perfect occasion, please be sure to bookmark our website to visit us later, or follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

Or if you’re ready, give a Messenjar today!

Thank you for your interest,

Founder, Messenjars