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Special "Date Your Mate" Valentine's Day Messenjars

My good friend Lauren invited me to promote Messenjars at an event called "Date Your Mate." It's a monthly gathering of couples trying to avoid the common lulls of marriage, which as most of us know, include sweatpants and lots of Netflix. The event was appropriately scheduled the day before Valentine's Day, so it was a good excuse to get out and do more besides dinner. Each couple received their own Messenjar with two sets of questions: one for her and one for him. Each couple was asked to write down their answers and then share them with each other, with their table, and sometimes with the other 100 people in the room—a little embarrassment always makes for a fun time! Some questions were light and fun, others were more heartfelt. At the end of the night, each couple went home with a Messenjar full of memories. 

I have a few extra left over from the event. Go to our Shop and click on the Happily Married Messenjar for more info. It's a great way to re-connect with your mate.

With love,