About | Messenjars


Messenjars were created to be a unique and truly personal alternative in the gift-giving and keepsake markets. Messenjars aren’t just canned sentiments (pardon our pun), but they hold real, meaningful words from the people you love. And being beautifully packaged in a glass jar, this keepsake is something that your loved ones will hold on to and cherish. They’ll display it within arm’s reach and re-read the kind words from time to time. As one recipient experienced,

“My husband and I stayed up all night reading these messages. We laughed, we cried, we laughed again…It was the best gift—ever.”

In addition, Messenjars offers the ability to include people, near and far, to feel part of life’s biggest moments. Getting everyone to contribute to a Messenjar will make your recipient feel extra special, especially from people who can’t physically be there. Messenjars make gift-giving fun and easy for everyone involved. Purchase one today and start rounding up the troops!