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Happily Married Messenjar

This limited edition Happily Married Messenjar is a great gift for that couple in love that wants to re-connect. It contains two sets of questions: one for her and one for him. Some are light and funny, others are more heartfelt. Once you're done sharing your answers, you can fold up each one of them and store them in your Messenjar as a cherished keepsake.

  • Two sets (of 10) his and her questions
  • Two small white pencils
  • Glass jar adorned with colorful pink twine and tag
  • Jar measures 5.13" in height and 3" in diameter
  • Messenjars are wrapped in a hand-screened cotton muslin bag
  • Made in the USA

This item is not eligible for return. Ships worldwide.

Type: Gift

Vendor: Messenjars

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