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Messenjar - Small

Our small Messenjar holds up to 25 personalized messages for life's most intimate moments—bridal showers, baby showers, thinking of you…Create a jar of jokes for a friend in need. Have friends and family submit their favorite memories about someone special. Get creative and your thoughtfulness will never be forgotten. 

  • Glass jar adorned with colorful twine and tag
  • Choose from six metal lid options and four twine colors
  • Comfortably fits between 10 to 30 folded messages on upcycled paper scraps
  • Jar measures 5.13" in height and 3" in diameter
  • Messenjars are wrapped in a hand-screened cotton muslin bag
  • Made in the USA

Shipping Info:

Please allow up to two weeks for us to gather your messages and one week to process and ship. This item is not eligible for return. Ships worldwide.


Type: Gift

Vendor: Messenjars

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